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Spherehash : A (roughly) even-density location hashing scheme

Proposal for an index for equal-area (on a spherical model of the earth) cells, which could also be used as a hash for points on the earth. With examples and a tool.

GovDiff: A tool for highlighting UK government information updates

Why I made a tool to see exactly how government information has changed (twice) and how I'd like to continue to develop it.

A cascading failure with the ingress of GovDiff

GovDiff was failing from 17th Jan to 27th Jan, there is still some data cleanup that needs to be executed, but it's currently running again, with the most immediate problems fixed.

Gaffer: A prioritised micro-batch scheduler in rust

In this entry I'm going to go through the scheduling problem we had with routing at Surve and how I went about solving it by building the micro-batching scheduler library gaffer.